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Today's Class Schedule
Sunday, Sep 21st
Sweat Your Soul
9:00 - 10:15 AM
Heart & Soul
10:30 - 11:30 AM
Event's & Workshops
Face Your Fears! Inversion Workshop!
2014-09-28 12:00
Osho says "Be face to face with it. Encounter it. Look deep into it. Gaze into the valley of fear." Let us come upside down! In this workshop we will explore how to approach inversions with courage and to move through the fear by becoming comfortable with falling safely out of an inversion. Click link below to register!  clients.mindbodyonline.c... read more
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Sweat Your Soul

At this point, you have probably heard most of the Alma crew speak of these so called radiant “hot yoga heaters.” And since we have been talking about these heaters for months, I am sure that right about now you’re calling us liars in your own head. But all kidding aside, the heaters are finally up and we are VERY excited! Let’s take a moment to chat about why you should be thrilled too…What is hot yoga?Hot Yoga is pretty much just that: practicing yoga in a hot roo ... read more
Going Easy

So here we are. April is upon us and it is here we notice the blooming of flowers (and not just because our seasonal allergies tell us so), the chirping of birds, and the rays of sun as they warm our face. It is in the bloom of the Spring months that we get the urge to go, go, go. We have been cooped up all winter, what is expected of us?! But maybe it’s time for us to take things slow and approach the days ahead with grace. Maybe it is time for us to go easy. Maybe it is time for us t ... read more
Adaptability: The key to survival and health?

  Over the past few weeks I have been mulling over events and lessons of the year and how they will inform my intentions for the new year.  This year it was extremely obvious to me. In fact, I believe that a major life lesson for me had finally materialized.   Adaptability on all levels is the cornerstone of our very survival.  Whether in response to external stimuli, or down to the cellular level itself, adaptability allows us not just to survive but to thrive and prosper.   My entire ... read more
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