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190 South Plank Road
Newburgh, NY 12550
Phone: 845.558.0140
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Class Descriptions
Alma Yoga was the first Hot Yoga Studio
in the Orange County area!

Non Hot Classes

Basics: Perfect for Beginners  

This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of yoga. Instructors explain the proper alignment of each basic pose while connecting the poses with proper breathing techniques.  
Open to all levels from beginner to advanced yogis (students). Teachers will offer modifications and suggestions for varying levels.
"Sink In..."
"Sink In" is a rare and unique class oppurtunity; it is an equal combination of Vinyasa flow asanas (poses) and deep stretches. This class is for those who are looking to treat themselves to a delectable experience like no other: get into the body, let the practice sink in, and then sink in some more.

Heart & Soul
Times are tough on people, so to dedicate more to the practice, Alma offers a donation based hour long vinyasa class, connecting mind, body, breath, and soul (not to mention a killer playlist!) This class is open to ALL and is a $5 minimum donation. *Monthly Unlimited/Auto Renew clients are free of charge!

Yoga &
 Pilates Fusion
An unbelievable class that you HAVE to experience! Yoga and Pilates come together to give you the best of both practices! This class is great cross training for those who want to integrate a focus on core strengthening into their Yoga practice. This practice works on opening the hips and lower back in order to have better access to the deep core muscles.

Flow in the Dark
Also known as Glowga, this power Vinyasa style class will have you glowing from the inside out. Decked out in glow-in-the-dark attire, this class is practiced in a dark room illuminated only by black lights. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it is also a challenge! Practicing in near darkness makes you more congnizant of your surroundings, causing your brain to rely heavily on heightened awareness from senses other than vision to process sensory information and keep you balances. Trust us, you are going to love this experience. We say, "glow for it!"
Hot/Warm Classes

Sweat Your Soul

Alma's very own Hot Vinyasa class! This is a dynamic vinyasa flow practice. Vinyasa links breath with movement to get the heart rate going and challenge the student. In this class, we cultivate more awareness of moving from the core to find "inner strength." The room is set to approximately 95 degrees to provide for a detoxifying sweat. Experience strongly suggested.

Hot Power Hour

This one hour power class is exactly that - INTENSE! It will tone, shape, and strengthen every muscle in the body! Be prepared to work, sweat, and smile! Room heated. Experience needed.

Hot Mix
A little Hatha, some Vinyasa flow, a dash of Bikram, and a pinch of Barkan - this class is the perfect recipe for detoxification! Don't worry if none of that made sense to you - the bottom line is, you will STRETCH and SWEAT and feel OH SO GOOD! Combining several forms and styles of yoga, this class will surely provide something new every time! Beginners welcome! 

Warm Power Flow
This Vinyasa style class will have you flowing in and out of postures, using the breath, and building internal heat within minutes. You will detoxify, heal and rejuvenate the body! This class will challenge you, transform you, take you to new heights and help you find your inner peace - all in one class! This in an open level class.

All sessions held upstairs in our Meditation Tea Lounge - a beautiful escape in the heart of Newburgh! Choose between lounging in our zero gravity chairs, sitting on our comfy pillowed floor, or floating in one of our silk hammocks. We also added a tea station offering a variety of organic teas. This room will instantly provide a sense of peace and stillness. You may never want to leave...

Open Meditation
Held 30 minutes prior to each class for our Alma clients. The perfect way to begin any yoga class! Auto Renew clients are always free of charge. $5 for active class card holders.

Community Meditation
Stressed? Alma has the perfect "get away" for you. Every Monday and Friday from 3:30-5:30 PM, we open our Meditation Tea Lounge to the public so everyone can find peace in the middle of Newburgh. $5 for all. Auto Renew clients are always free of charge

Guided Meditation with Mary Chin
Held every Sunday at 11:45 after the Heart & Soul Donation class. This group setting is perfect for those new to meditation!  Combining the guided meditation recording created by Joan Suval (known for her work and contributions to the Ananda Ashram in Harriman, NY) and Mary's vibes of positivity and white light, you will sink deeper into your meditation as you experience the "witnessing state." All are welcome. $5 suggested donation.

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Sweat Your Soul
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